Accredited courses (RTO)

22301VIC Certificate I in Transition Education

This Accredited Course aims to develop student’s skills and confidence to strengthen community/life options. The course is made up of six core units and a choice of four elective units.

Core Units
  • VU21777 Enhance Self Development
  • VU21778 Participate in Travel Activities
  • VU21776 Develop and Document a Learning Plan with Support
  • VU21780 Participate in the Community
  • VU21779 Investigate Future Options for Further Training, Work or Community Activities
  • VU21781 Use Technology for a Range of Purposes
Elective Units
  • VU21782 Explore Personal Health Issues
  • VPAU493 Participate in Short Simple Exchanges
  • VU21320 Identify Features of the Health Care System
  • VPAU495 Read and Write Short, Basic Messages and Formatted Texts
  • VU21783 Access the Media
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