Making a difference in the community

  • Chris

    From the time we met Chris, he made it clear that he was only interested in being a Postman or working for Australia Post.

    He was not interested in other work placements and would regularly discuss his dream of being an Australia Post employee.

    After many attempts and leveraging some personal contacts, we managed to find Chris his dream work placement at an Australia Post close to his home.

    Following several extended placements, and support from Uniting Employment Services, Chris was finally offered a paid job three mornings per week (12 hours).

    Despite the early rises, Chris has fully embraced his role and plans to work hard so he can keep and extend his work hours.

  • Mathew

    Mathew had completed some work experience at school but this did not provide him with much insight into what jobs may suit his needs.

    He had an interest in IT and had good literacy and numeracy skills.

    He agreed to try a work placement at Homestead Financial where he tried a number of tasks in administration.

    Mathew is now a paid member of the team.

  • Katrina

    Katrina was keen to do work placement in retail to further develop her customer service skills. Katrina completed her first work placement at Harris Scarfe and received positive feedback on her performance and work ethic. Katrina then commenced a second work placement at Target.

    Throughout her work placements, Katrina gained invaluable experience in customer service and working in a team environment. Katrina’s confidence grew as did her skills she required for the job. By Katrina completing work placement in two department stores, she was offered a job interview at Big W. Without Katrina participating in her work placements and gaining the necessary experience, she would not have been considered for this. This was a great opportunity for Katrina to practice her interview skills.

  • Anthony

    Anthony initially required some encouragement to undertake work placements in the program and he tried placements in a variety of roles and industries. 

    When we approached Western Water about potential employment opportunities they were very keen to create an opportunity for one of our students. Together with Uniting Employment Services, we created an administration role that suited Anthony’s skill level.

    The first step was a work placement with all the teams to learn the business and then he moved into his own role monitoring the CTV cameras for maintenance issues and alerting the maintenance team. He started off 3 days a week but now works four days.

    His confidence has soared in this role and he has also developed some great friendships with colleagues.