Accredited courses (RTO)

22555VIC Certificate I in Initial Adult Literacy and Numeracy

This Accredited Course aims to develop students’ skills and confidence in literacy and numeracy at an at an initial level.
The course is made up of 11 units:
  • VU21737 Read Phrases
  • VU21738 Write Phrases
  • VU21740 Read Simple Sentences
  • VU21741 Write Simple Sentences
  • VU21743 Give and Follow Simple Directions
  • VU21744 Recognize and Use Simple Fractions
  • VU21745 Count and Use Numbers from 1 - 100
  • VU21754 Use Coins and Notes
  • VU21755 Use Simple Addition Skills
  • VU21756 Use Simple Subtraction Skills
  • VU21041 Complete Forms

Training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Some fee for service courses are also available.

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